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Do You want to increase the value of Your business by over 71%?

There are 8 key things that YOU might be doing to HELP or HINDER the Value of Your Business – Discover Them Today.

We’re excited to be licensed to deliver the Value Builder System that was made famous by John Warrillow in Built to Sell. The Value Builder System is a proven system that helps a business owner not only know the current value of their business, or know their score, but references eight key drivers that influence the sellability of a business when it comes time to list your business for sale. This allows you to know exactly where you need to focus in your business to increase the value.

Top 5 Reasons to Use The Value Builder System

There are so many reasons to use the Valu Builder System.  Here are my TOP five.

  1. Increased Business Value: The Value Builder System can help you increase the overall value of their companies, making it a more attractive proposition for potential buyers or investors.
  2. Improved Financial Performance: The system’s tools and strategies can lead to better financial management, increased profitability, and healthier cash flow for Yoyr businesses.
  3. Customized Assessment: We provide tailored assessments and recommendations that address the specific needs and challenges of your businesses.
  4. Enhanced Exit Strategy: The Value Builder System can assist you in developing a clear exit strategy, whether it’s selling the business, passing it on to family, or other exit options.
  5. Competitive Advantage: Using The Value Builder System can give you a competitive edge by helping you stand out in their industry and attract potential buyers or investors.

OK, I had to add a sixth one: You get access to over 400 podcasts from industry leaders, a treasure trove of FREE eBooks, AND access to FREE quarterly webinars.

How Value Builder Works

Watch this short video to see how we help you increase the value of your business.

A Proven Method …

The Value Builder System™ is a statistically proven method for improving any business. After analyzing more than 70,000+ businesses, we discovered those companies with a Value Builder Score of 80 or more received offers that are 71% higher than the average business. Whether you want to sell your business for a premium now, or simply know that you could, The Value Builder System™ will help you dramatically increase the value of your company.

The Value Builder System

The Value Builder System is made up of three components:

  • Value Builder Score & Report – a free health check that can be a handy indicator of your company’s wellbeing
  • Value Builder Assessment – a detailed presentation and evaluation of your Value Builder Score (optional)
  • Value Builder Engagement – a 12-month engagement to improve your company’s score (optional)

Add Layers Of Value Into Your Company

Statistically there are eight key core value drivers that influence the buyer’s decision when considering the value of your company. Our business value builders take you through each one, systematically adding layers of value into your company. Click a block to see more.

  • Financial Performance

    Your history of producing revenue and profit combined with the professionalism of your record keeping.
  • Growth Potential

    Your likelihood to grow your business in the future and at what rate.
  • Switzerland Structure

    How dependent your business is on any one employee, customer or supplier.
  • Monopoly Control

    How well differentiated your business is from competitors in your industry.
  • Hub & Spoke

    How your business would perform if you were unexpectedly unable to work for a period of three months.
  • Customer Satisfaction

    The likelihood that your customers will re-purchase and also refer you.
  • Valuation Teeter-Totter

    Whether your business is a cash suck or a cash spigot.
  • Recurring Revenue

    The proportion and quality of automatic, annuity-based revenue you collect each month.

The Value Builder program begins with The Value Builder Score, which lets you see how your business looks to buyers. Your score creates a baseline for measurable improvement. Once you complete the assessment, a Certified Value Builder™ Advisor will work with you to identify strengths and weaknesses and raise your score — and your bottom line. Here’s an overview of how the program works:

Value Builder Certification awarded to Christopher Moore from Biz Strategists LLC

It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Business Coaching Step One

Take the Value Builder Assessment (FREE)

Your Value Builder Score is an assessment tool that measures your company’s worth based on eight key drivers of value — each of which is statistically proven to be important to investors. You’ll get an estimate of what your company might be worth if you sold it today, and an overview of areas that need improvement. The assessment is free, but its value is priceless.

Business Coaching Step Two

Consult with a Certified Value Builder Advisor

Once you’re able to see your company as a buyer would see it, the next step is to consult with Steve Duke, a Certified Value Builder™. Your Value Builder will perform an in-depth study of your strengths and weaknesses and identify actionable items for improving your company’s value.

Business Coaching Step Three

Start Building Value with Your Advisor

We will work in partnership with you to implement the proven Value Builder method. Each month, you’ll meet one-on-one with your Value Builder to complete twelve modules designed to improve the value of your company. You will enjoy seeing the value of your company rise knowing that you could sell it now or later.

Image of the Value Builder System as showcased by a Certified Value Builder Advisor

Get Your Value Builder Score Now

Through a quick online assessment you’ll get an idea of how valuable your business would be to prospects. The Value Builder Score is a crucial step in preparing for your business’s future.

Whether you are planning to exit soon, or in many years, getting your score now will allow you to:

  • See your business from the eyes of an acquirer
  • Pinpoint what really makes your business valuable
  • Identify what is dragging down your current value
  • See what’s holding you back from a company that can thrive without you
  • Identify areas to work on within your company