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Value Builder Score

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Join 70,000 business owners and get your score on the 8 Factors That Drive Your Company’s Value, a comprehensive analysis of your score and a detailed action plan for improving your score on each.

Personal PREScore™

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The questions that make up the Personal Readiness to Exit (PRE) Score questionnaire are designed to help you evaluate your preparedness to exit your business and ensure you leave your company with no regrets.

Personal Freedom Score

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There comes a time when the sale of your company will generate enough income to fund the rest of your life. We call it the Freedom Point.  Click below to discover YOUR Freedom Point today!

Business Coaching Resources: eBooks

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The 8 Key Drivers of Company Value

As an owner, your business is not just a source of income; it’s an investment.

From financial performance and growth potential to customer satisfaction and the business’s reliance on your personal involvement, we’ll explore in detail the eight key factors that drive business value.

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Monkey Mind

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Building a successful business is more than just a path to financial independence; it’s a deeply personal journey filled with emotional highs and lows.

These aspects of entrepreneurship are as crucial as managing the business itself. Discover practical advice on how to manage your emotional journey of entrepreneurship.

The Owner’s Metric

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While you can’t buy happiness, you can buy personal freedom. It comes from building enough wealth that work becomes a choice.

What’s the fastest way to attain the feeling of true freedom? Focus on the one number you need to be truly free – the ultimate Owner’s Metric.

The Overlooked Owner

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How do you determine the value of your business? You might think this involves an in-depth look at your books, sizing up the market, and many other types of quantitative analysis.

But a study of 1,511 companies uncovered an often-omitted factor when assessing company value—the business owner.

Famous or Rich

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You’ll discover:

1. The surprisingly simple strategy behind one founder’s $87 million exit. 2. The strategic move that took one company from being worth three times EBITDA to more than 13 times in just two years. 3. The 10/40 rule and how it can jack up your take from the sale of your business

8 Ways To Re-Invent Yourself In A Crisis

eBook cover titled '8 Ways To Re Invent Yourself In A Crisis' with a phoenix imagery

You’ll discover how to:

  • Leverage digital channels while working from home
  • Exploit an increased use of social media to drive sales
  • Pick the best part of your business to invest in now
  • Motivate yourself to act with clarity and confidence

Productize Your Service in 8 Simple Steps

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Have you ever wondered how to make a business less reliant on its owner?  The answer is to “productize” the service.

This is the process of breaking down the service into a series of steps and packing it like a tangible offering. We’ve developed an eBook outlining an 8-step approach to help you productize your service.

The Rainmaker’s Dilemma

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Did you know almost half of all business owners will hit the same stumbling block?

They become the primary revenue driver for their company – The Rainmaker.

Avoid the downhill trap of becoming the Rainmaker and make the transition to Architect of your business.

Business Coaching Resources: eBooks

The 4 Degrees of Delegation

eBook cover titled 'The 4 Degrees of Delegation' with visual of four interconnected circles

How would you rate your ability to delegate?

If you’re like most business owners, you probably give yourself a decent grade. However, if you’re constantly finding yourself disappointed in people on your team, the problem may be less about them and more about your ability to delegate effectively.

The Definitive Guide to Standard Operating Procedures

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Does your business lack organization around basic tasks? Do your employees seem reliant on you? Are you questioning how you can improve your growing business and its value? If you answered yes to any of these questions, implementing SOPs may be what you need to solve your problems.

The Exit Checklist

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For a successful exit, you need to be able to say a hearty “Yes!” to two important questions:

1. Is your business ready for you to exit? & 2. Are you ready to exit?

It’s an easy question to ask, but it can be difficult to answer. This is why we’ve created a five-step action plan to ensure you have a happy, lucrative exit from your business.


eBook cover titled 'Endgame' featuring a chessboard checkmate intertwined with corporate skyscrapers

It can be tempting to try to time the sale of your business to coincide with a peak in the economy.

Design your endgame and discover the best time to sell.

The Yes Box

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What do Airbnb, Mailchimp, Microsoft, and Uber have in common?

They all started in an economic downturn.

Discover how to reinvigorate and expand your business at a time when others prioritize survival and preservation.

The Freedom Point

eBook cover for 'The Freedom Point' depicting a scale tipping from an anchor to a free flying bird

If you’re like most business owners, your desire for freedom is hardwired into your psyche.

This eBook will help you calculate your Freedom Point, which is when work becomes a choice, not a necessity.