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Does Your Business Provide You the Freedom of Time & Money You Deserve?

Coaching will help you increase revenues, build a cohesive team, and establish systems allowing you to work on your business as opposed to in it, empowering you to achieve your goals & chase your dreams.

We know the challenges of family-owned businesses…

As a Family Owned Business, your company is as unique as your family, no two family-owned businesses are the same. There are, however, unique challenges that are common to businesses like yours. Here are just a few:

  • Family problems – let’s just say issues of “interpersonal dynamics”
  • Informal culture & structure –  can be both a strength and a weakness
  • Pressure to hire family members – as opposed to the best person for the job
  • High turnover of non-family employees – often issues of culture and dynamics
  • Avoidance to change – things done because they have ALWAYS been done that way
  • Lack of a succession plan – we always want to think they will always be around
  • Exit strategy – failing to plan ahead to maximize the value of the business

Now, add the inherent challenges of operating and hopefully scaling your business. 

This can be a huge task, one that many Family-Owned Business leaders aren’t prepared to face.    We are here to serve you. Look at our FREE Resources page.  Many visitors find the Value Builder Score and The Owners Metric eBook of great value.  Let’s connect!

We are PASSIONATE about coaching Family Owned Businesses.

Growing up in a family-owned business provides a unique perspective and understanding that is incredibly valuable as a business coach. Here are some reasons you would especially enjoy working with us:

  • Deep Understanding: We have firsthand experience of the intricacies and dynamics of a family-owned business. This allows us to relate to YOU on a deeper level, understanding the nuances and emotional aspects that come with running YOUR businesses.
  • Passion for Preservation: Having seen the effort and love poured into a family business, we have a strong desire to help other families preserve and grow their legacy.
  • Familiar Dynamics: Understanding the intricacies of family dynamics and how they can affect business operations gives us an edge. We can help YOUR family navigate these sometimes-complex relationships and ensure YOUR business isn’t adversely impacted.
  • Personal Connection: Working with family businesses can feel more intimate and personal. The shared stories, challenges, and experiences can create a deeper bond and sense of fulfillment in OUR coaching relationship, leading to more impactful change.

Our personal experiences, combined with professional training as a business coach, make Biz Strategists uniquely positioned to empathize with, guide, and YOUR support family-owned businesses.

Three questions:  

  1. Where are you?
  2. Where do you want to go?
  3. How are you going to get there?

We can help!

What is Your Why?

  • Have you dreamed of a business with over $1 million of revenue that is highly profitable and affords you the time to do more than just work?
  • Are you putting endless hours working hard. 7 days a week, continuously?
  • Do you feel stuck, overworked, overwhelmed and underappreciated?
  • Does there seem to be too much month at the end of the money?
  • Your situation may be different.  What is your “WHY”?  Why do you work so hard?  Why do you do what you do?
  • I can help you gain clarity of vision and traction, moving toward your intended future.
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Our Proven Program

Our proven business coaching program works with ANY business Anywhere! 

Your Business Coach will help you:

  • Integrate your mission, vision and values
  • Streamline operations, implement systems and remove bottlenecks so that you get your time back
  • Reduce employee turn-onver and mis-hires
  • Improve team cohesiveness and productivity
  • Scale your business & attract your ideal clients
  • Improve revenue, creating stable and reliable cash flow
  • Most important, help you love your business and your life again

Coaching is as much about systems and processes as it is relationships.  Let’s connect to see if we are a good fit.

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We Guarantee Results.

  1. We Guarantee that within 21 weeks of working together, you’ll agree that coaching pays for itself.
  2. We Guarantee to tell you the truth about the changes you’ll need to make – either personally or in your business – in order to get the results you want.
  3. We Guarantee complete confidentiality.
  4. We Guarantee a “business re-education” where we teach you how to implement our proven systems and strategies.
  5. We Guarantee to show you how to build a business that runs smoothly, profitably, and (mostly) without you.

Your results will increase or diminish based on your ability to listen and put in the time, energy, & effort needed to grow and scale your business.  If you are coachable, if you are trainable, and if you implement our proven processes & systems…you can achieve the freedom of time and money that you desire.  We can help and are available.  Are you ready?

It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Business Coaching Step One

Step 1: 30 Min Silver Bullet Call (FREE)

  • Schedule a free 30-min consultation.
  • Discuss your business issues and get expert feedback to address your problems.
  • If your business is a good fit we will invite you to proceed to step 2.
Business Coaching Step Two

Step 2: Complimentary Coaching Session

  • We will develop a specific action plan for your business.
  • We will create business strategies to address your problems.
  • We will develop a financial model of what your business will look like if you apply these strategies.
Business Coaching Step Three

Step 3: Coaching Program (PAID)

  • You will meet with your coach one-on-one, in person or by video conference.
  • Sessions are 1 hr, every week during the planning phase.
  • Sessions are 1 hr, every other week during the execution phase.

It all starts with the first call. You will never know until you take the first step.  Let’s have a quick call to determine if there is a need and desire for coaching.  If it makes sense, we can dive deeper and schedule a Complimentary Coaching Session. Just know…these will not cost you a dime, nor will you get a high pressure salesman.  We are here to serve you and committed to your success.

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Get Your Value Builder Score Now

Through a quick online assessment you’ll get an idea of how valuable your business would be to prospects. The Value Builder Score is a crucial step in preparing for your business’s future.

Whether you are planning to exit soon, or in many years, getting your score now will allow you to:

  • See your business from the eyes of an acquirer
  • Pinpoint what really makes your business valuable
  • Identify what is dragging down your current value
  • See what’s holding you back from a company that can thrive without you
  • Identify areas to work on within your company